The Power of Prospecting - 2 CE Hours (T)**

This course will provide students with an understanding of what prospecting  is, the various types of prospecting as well as how they are effective.  The students will leave with a prospecting plan, knowing the different opportunities and ways to use their plan, and make changes to fit their specific needs. 

Handling Objections - 2 CE Hours (T)**

This course will help brokers identify and understand objections in order to provide them with proven methods and techniques essential to assist students in  comfortably handling of objections than occur when working with buyers and sellers in order to move forward in the sales process.

Brokerage Office Administration (BOA) - 10 CE (E)

This 30-hour pre-license course is required for anyone becoming a Qualifying Broker.  This course includes: Pertinent Statutes and Regulations Overview, starting your Brokerage, keeping track of your company, and business with professional involvement.  It is not a requirement to upgrade your license if a broker takes this course. 

Policy & Procedures for Today's Qualifying Broker - 6 CE Hours (E)

This course will have brokers creating a working policy and procedures manual in order to provide a minimum level of guidance and supervision related to various issues and concerns in today's brokerage offices in such matters as Federal and State Laws, Real Estate Commission Rules, and general Brokerage Operations.  Also a good course for all Brokers to take to help in understanding how an office should appropriately operate.

Brokerage Relationships - 4 CE Hours (E)**

​This course presents information about the Brokerage Relationships available in New Mexico between real estate brokers and consumers.  Each of the three relationships is examined fully so brokers may know the duties, responsibilities, and disclosures expected of them as established by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission.

Rules of the Real Estate Commission - 4 CE Hours (E) GRI Elective

This course is designed to better assist brokers in understanding and explaining the legality of using electronic transactions and signatures that are becoming more common in today's real estate practice.  Through discussion on stat and federal acts related to electronic transactions, the use and types of electronic signatures along with security protocols, discussion of various methods of electronic file storage from the most basic to the more advanced storage and security concerns of today's real estate professional.  In addition Brokers will learn of the electronic notarization and recording now becoming common in New Mexico. 

InstaNet Solutions for the Basic User 4 CE (T)**

This class provides brokers with the necessary knowledge to create transactions and the navigation of the RANM forms.  These forms are the basis of all transactions.  InstaNet Solutions provides brokers with the necessary tools to manage your real estate transactions online and to go paperless. 

Successful Business Planning - 3 CE Hours (T)**

Learn how to plan your road to success, learn about the four elements of a business plan.  How many contacts do you need to equate into one closing, this course will help set the expectations of your plan.  Learn the basics of prospecting, develop your action plan, and hold yourself accountable to your plan....and much more.



Boot Camp, Back to the Basics - 10 CE Hours (E)**

​Are you looking to re-energize your Real Estate Career?  Are you looking to get back to the Basics?  This two (2) day course is designed to do just that!  This class will focus on enhancing the skills you already possess, while providing new and tested methods for obtaining more closings in order to increase your profitability.  You will do this by developing 

  • Your personal business plan, time management
  • Learning and enhancing your sales techniques while handling objections
  • Perform in class listing and buyer presentations
  • Follow through the closing process to include file management
  • Broker safety tips that we all need to be aware of

NMREC Core Course - 4 CE Hours (E)

The NMREC Core Course replaces the NMREC Mandatory Course. This course will need to be completed annually to maintain your license.

All licensees must take the 4-hour NMREC Core Course to renew their real estate license, this course meets the 2018 annual requirement. This 4-hour course is an annual required course and must be completed each year of your license renewal. This course is designed to be interactive to maximize its benefit to you.

Qualifying Broker Refresher - No CE Hours 

All Qualifying Brokers must take this course to renew their real estate license every three years.  Even Qualifying Brokers who are 65 years old ,actively licensed for 20 years, and otherwise exempt from mandatory continuing education must take this course.  This course does not give you any CE credit hours towards your 30-hour renewal requirement.

NAR Code of Ethics and Enforcement - 4 CE Hours (E) GRI Elective**

This meets the Quadrennial ethics Requirement by NAR every 4 years for all REALTORS.  This course will cover the NAR Quadrennial requirement that affect ALL Realtors since 2004.  Understanding how the Code of Ethics came to life, and the 17 articles that everyone should be following regardless of any affiliation with an association.  learn how the Grievance and the Professional Standards process works, as well as the Mediation vs. Arbitration process and why we have them in effect. 

Broker Safety for the Real Estate Professional - 3 CE Hours (T)**

Every time a real estate broker meets a new client, shows a vacant property by themselves, or lets a stranger into their car, they are putting their personal safety in jeopardy.  This course will provide brokers with valuable information in the awareness of safety concerns as well as techniques to protect themselves in today's real estate profession. 

Introduction to Residential Property Management - 8 CE Hours (E)

This course will provide an introduction to managing residential property management.  Brokers will be learning the requirements as well as practical application for starting up their management duties, establishing proper trust accounts, creation of owner and tenant relations, monthly reporting and filing systems, the Real Estate Commission Rules, Owner-Resident Relations Act, Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act as well as the notification and court process. 

Property Management Rules Changes - 2 CE Hours (E)**

This course will provide brokers involved in property management an understanding of the real estate commission s rules related to Property Management and the required trust accounts in order to better assist the brokers to maintain compliance and reduce violations.

New Broker Business Practices - 10 CE Hours (E)

  • This course is required of all associate brokers licensed for the first time on or after January 1, 2009, but all licensees may take this course.  Brokers licensed on or after January 1, 2012 are required to take this course in the first license year.  It it the responsibility of the Qualifying Broker to ensure the course has been taken. Brokers looking to get a jump start on their Real Estate Career, or looking to get back to the basics, this four day course is designed to do just that by enhancing the skills that brokers already possess, while giving new and tested methods of obtaining more closings in order to increase profitability by developing;
  • Personal business plan with time management
  • Learning and enhancing your sales techniques while handling objections
  • Perform in class listing and buyer presentations
  • Follow through the closing process to include file management
  • Broker safety tips
**These class have been approved to be taught live on line using the GoToTraining Platform.