Jack has been providing Sales and Motivational training to real estate professionals throughout New Mexico since 2005, with a  personal commitment to coach,  teach,  and motivate real estate professionals to reach their personal income goals, using a variety of skills and  techniques.  With the extensive background and experience Jack possess, he is dedicated to the real estate profession and all  that it offers.  His entire approach is "thinking outside of the box", he looks at things uniquely, and can figure out how to get the  job done!

 Coaching- If coaching is what you're in need of whether to jump start your Real Estate career, or breathe some life back into it,  Jack can personalize a coaching program that will fit your needs.  The program developed can be for an individual, team, or full  office concept.  This can be designed for a three, six, nine month or a year long  program.  Jack will begin by providing  an individual assessment of your needs.  If you would like the answer to any of these questions, call Jack today (505) 881-0303 to  help increase your business....

     1)  Would you like to double your income potential?

     2)  I am showing ten houses a day, and cannot seem to close the deal, what am I doing wrong?

     3)  I have a plan for each day, why can't I follow it?

 Consulting- Our services range from an evaluation of the brokerage  for operational and cost saving matters and include a  complete line of sales and motivational seminars designed to be presented as individual modules or incorporated into a full office  training program.  In addition to consultation services, as a New Mexico approved sponsored school, One Stop Real Estate  Education, can incorporate continuing education courses for credit hours approved by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission  as well as courses approved as elective credits for the National Association of REALTOR Graduate REALTOR Institute (GRI)  designation. 

                                                                                                  Jack's proven methods can assist today's brokers in the following 

                                                                                                    Initial evaluation and suggested ideas to enhance;

                                                                                                  Company policies and procedures designed to reduce confusion for                                                                                                      reoccurring task

                                                                                                  Use Technology to increase production while reducing operational 

                                                                                                     Electronic Forms, Signatures, and File Storage

                                                                                                  Property Management compliance (trust accounts, record keeping 

                                                                                                  Sales and Motivational                                                                         

                                                                                                     Successful Business Planning - Long Range Planning - Monthly  

                                                                                                     Planning Prospecting and Handling Objections Techniques -                                                                                                                     Closing the deal

                                                                                                  Working with Buyers

                                                                                                    Qualifying the buyer - determining their criteria - showing                                                                                                                      knowing when or how to ask for the close

                                                                                                  Working with Sellers

                                                                                                     Critical first steps - getting the appointment - preparing for the a                                                                                                                    appointment - conducting the appointment 






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