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We provide you with practical and easy solutions for not just passing the real estate exam, but throughout your real estate career.

Innovative Thinking

With a can-do approach, we certainly can provide you with the tools necessary to stay on top of the ever changing laws, and everyday practice of real estate.

Meet Your Motivation


Under the leadership of Jack C. Sheehan who as a leader in our industry since 2006, pairs “out of the box” thinking with tried and true teaching skills, we are on the cutting edge of our industry in providing education and training that we’ve got a foundation for knowledge and success that’s set for many decades to come.

Beyond The Box

Thinking outside the box, is the most creative and innovative way to deliver fresh new ideas to your real estate business.

Mission: The sole mission of One Stop Real Estate Education Services is to provide quality Education to all real estate professionals (Pre-License and continuing education students) in a fun filled learning environment, integrating state of the art technology, active instructional methods while identifying the needs of our industry and the students we serve.

What to expect when taking real estate classes and passing the exams

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We help our students achieve and retain the greatest possible success through our innovative teaching and coaching strategies even after obtaining their real estate license.

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